Spare Parts of Screw Air Compressor

Spare Parts of Screw Air Compressor
Siemens Electrical Elements
We use the world famous brand electrical components to improve the service life of our screw air compressors.
Air Filter
We use an original Mann air filter.The efficient heavy-duty inlet filter ensures the quality of inlet air and safety of the air end,and greatly improves the equipment service life.Oil Filter
We use the original Mann oil filter whose efficiency is 20% higher than its common counterparts.It offers filter accuracy up to 9 microns,protects the air end better,and extends the equipment service life as well.


Oil and Gas Separator
The built in high efficiency oil gas separator ensures the oil content of compressed air below the 3PPM.

We use a well-known brand high-performance motor with protection class of IP54 and F class insulation.

Spare Parts of Screw Air Compressor

LCD Display
The LED display can display information in English,Spanish,Russia and Chinese.The screw air compressor can work automatically for 24 hours,unattended.

Inlet Valve
We use world famous brand inlet valve that can be automatically adjusted based on air consumption.

Air End
We use GU and Ally-win air end designed based on German technology.The high quality air end ensures the reliable performance of our screw air compressors.

GHH Air End
GHH air end,originally imported from the Germany,offers high performance,low noise,easy maintenance,and long life.

Spare Parts of Screw Air Compressor

We can help you find the most suitable screw air compressor and spare parts to satisfy your needs.